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CCS potential in the North Sea

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The One North Sea report provides an up-to-date and detailed analysis of the CCS potential in the North Sea. It is a substantive piece of work based on extensive quantitative analysis and discussions with more than sixty stakeholder organisations. In the report you will find:

  • The projected size and locations of capture, transport and  storage infrastructure in the North Sea countries between 2015 and 2050.
  • A comprehensive appraisal of current European, national and local CCS policies and initiatives. This includes  demonstration activity and frameworks plus an analysis of the legal and regulatory challenges.
  • Insights into the transport of CO2 through integrated networks, shipping or new of existing pipeline systems. It discusses the contribution CO2-enhanced oil recovery could play, and the challenges and opportunities for cross-border CO2 transport.
  • It looks at the how the CCS infrastructure could be developed.
  • It examines closely the issue of managing trans-boundary CO2 flows and provides detailed recommendations to facilitate this  in the future.

Finally, the report brings together these complex elements and sets out a series of  recommended near-term actions for geopolitical and business stakeholders that will enable them to develop CCS infrastructure in the North Sea.

One North Sea Full Report

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