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Birmingham’s City Blueprint for Low Carbon Fuel Infrastructure launched

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Birmingham City Council recently hosted a launch event for its City Blueprint for Low Carbon Fuel Infrastructure. The event was attended by over 80 stakeholders from public and private sector industries representing Birmingham’s Green Commission, transport policy, energy, fleet management, developers and planners.

The Blueprint for Low Carbon Fuel Infrastructure, developed by Element Energy for Birmingham City Council, identifies the key priorities and opportunities for the refuelling and recharging infrastructure that will be needed to support growing fleets of low and ultra-low carbon vehicles. The Blueprint covers electric, hydrogen, (bio)methane and LPG vehicles, and has been developed in close consultation with fleet operators active in the Birmingham area.

The Blueprint will help Birmingham Council reach out to private investors and secure regional / national / European funding. Several projects are already underway or in preparation thanks to the evidence base aggregated for the Blueprint – from LPG taxis, to gas station, hydrogen buses and new electric vehicle deployments.

We expect this innovative approach to stimulating and steering investment in local infrastructure will be replicated in other cities facing air quality challenges and / or with CO2 emission reduction targets.

For any questions on the Blueprint, please contact one of the authors: celine.cluzel@element-energy.co.uk / sophie.lyons@element-energy.co.uk.

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