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Energy Technologies Institute appoints Element Energy to develop new software tool for natural gas as a heavy-duty vehicle fuel

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Element Energy has been selected to lead a software modelling tool development project focusing on natural gas as a potential fuel for heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs). The project is the latest in the ETI’s HDV efficiency programme and will provide important insights into the economic and environmental impacts of using natural gas as an HDV fuel.

Element Energy brings extensive experience of modelling tool development and a deep understanding of the low carbon transport sector to the project. Element Energy will work with other experts from University College London, CNG Services, and Strateco AB on this year-long project.

Darryl Hylands, project manager, HDV at the ETI who is managing the project said:

“Our HDV efficiency programme is seeking to increase fuel efficiency in UK HDV’s by 30% because there are limited low carbon options for replacing fossil fuels as the energy source for HDV’s. A key greenhouse gas abatement opportunity we have identified is the use of natural gas as a fuel in HDV’s. This particular project allows us to explore this potential alternative pathway, and the results will provide a greater understanding of whether this is a reality or not.”

Alex Stewart, associate director from Element Energy added:

“ETI research has identified natural gas as a potential alternative fuel. Our role in the project is to bring together the very latest data on the costs and emissions of different natural gas pathways into a powerful modelling tool, working closely with industry and academic experts. The outputs will give new insights into how to maximize the environmental and economic benefits of using natural gas in heavy vehicles.”

For further information please contact alex.stewart@element-energy.co.uk.

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