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Plan to expand low emission buses in the West Midlands launched

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The West Midlands Low Emission Bus Delivery Plan, launched in July 2016, sets out a route to increasing numbers of clean buses and improving air quality across the region. Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), previously Centro, commissioned Element Energy to develop a delivery plan for low emission buses to 2035, which includes uptake of new hybrid, gas ICE, fuel cell electric and battery electric buses and associated refuelling infrastructure, to reduce total NOx emissions by an order of magnitude.

Element Energy worked closely with ten local bus operators to understand their existing fleet composition, procurement strategies and specifications for existing depots. In addition, seven West Midlands local authorities provided data describing areas of poorest air quality in their districts allowing the most suitable bus routes for LEB deployment to be identified.

Information gathered was used to build a model of the West Midlands bus fleet and develop scenarios for LEB uptake, consistent with TfWM’s ambitions to improve air quality, which enabled future potential emission savings to be quantified.

Opportunities for Local Authorities and the TfWM to support operators in the transition to a low emission bus fleet were described with targeted actions for relevant parties. Key topics include funding, incentives, data sharing, infrastructure, and low carbon sources.

The full report is available here.

For further information please contact celine.cluzel@element-energy.co.uk.

WE Low Emission Bus Delivery Plan launch

Project team representatives at the report launch event. From left to right: Laura Shoaf (TfWM), Steve Hayes (TfWM), Councillor Bob Sleigh, Celine Cluzel (Element Energy)

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