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A recent multi-disciplinary project, funded by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), has studied how brine production, more often associated with oil and gas operations, can enhance the storage potential of saline aquifers already identified as ideal CO2 stores. The findings of the project were presented by Emrah Durusut, Element Energy’s CCUS Leader, at All-Energy 2017 and highlight other key benefits of using brine production alongside CO2 storage, including the opportunity to convert smaller aquifers into economically viable stores. It may also give certain storage sites a longer lifespan by allowing operators to increase the injection rate at a later date as new CO2 sources come on stream.

Emrah Durusut, of Element Energy, said, “Our study has identified a variety of strategic benefits of brine production for both policymakers and storage operators. In addition to increasing storage capacity and achieving lower minimum unit costs at certain aquifers, brine production can also increase optionality for storage operators and allow operators to better utilise their existing storage assets within a defined licence area.”

For further information please contact emrah.durusut@element-energy.co.uk.

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