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Fuel cell combined heat and power is a key energy solution of the future

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At its final dissemination event in Brussels on 11th October 2017, the flagship European trial of fuel cell combined heat and power (FC micro-CHP), ene.field, concluded that FC micro-CHP deserves a place in the future energy system.

FC micro-CHP is a highly efficient home energy system that uses a single fuel to simultaneously produce electricity and heat for a building. It reaches system efficiencies of up to 95% and electrical efficiencies of up to 60%. The fuel cell works by combining hydrogen produced from the fuel and oxygen from the air to produce power, water, and heat.

Over the past five years, the ene.field project has deployed and monitored over 1,000 new installations of residential FC micro-CHP across 10 key European countries. It represents a step change in the volume of fuel cell deployment for this sector in each country. By learning the practical implications of installing, operating and supporting a fleet of fuel cells with real world customers, ene.field has demonstrated the environmental and economic imperative of FC micro-CHP, and laid the foundations for market exploitation

The final dissemination event highlighted the need to put in place the right policy framework to encourage wide deployment of this technology in Europe. Only with high-level recognition of the system benefits can FC micro-CHP achieve the necessary scale and reduction in cost to significantly contribute to a cleaner, more reliable energy system for European consumers. Key policy recommendations are outlined in the ene.field Policy Report.

The event also introduced the PACE project (Pathway to a Competitive European Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration market), which will build upon the success of ene.field. Both projects bring together major manufacturers from across Europe, representatives from the wider energy industry and the research community. These stakeholders, together with the EU, will have invested more than €140 million in Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration by 2020.

The presentations of the event are available on the websites of ene.field and PACE.

Element Energy was commissioned to prepare the funding application for both projects. Since then, we have been involved as the technical coordinator for the project and have conducted key pieces of analysis, including supply chain and Life Cycle Cost assessment, and market projections.

For more information on the event and our work on these projects, please contact Lisa Ruf.

2017 10 11 event PACE FUEL CELL micro-Cogeneration Heating and Powering your home event hosted by COGEN at Automuseum Brussels

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