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Success for Element Energy at the 2017 Low Carbon Champions Awards

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Element Energy has enjoyed another successful year at the ‘2017 Low Carbon Champions Awards’ organised by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP).  The West Midlands Low Emission Bus Delivery Plan, developed by Element Energy for Transport for West Midlands (TfWM), took home the award for ‘Outstanding Publication of the Year’, an award that Element Energy also won in 2016 for the Transport Infrastructure Roadmaps. The awards ceremony also highlighted and commended several other projects and areas of low carbon transport that Element Energy has been involved in, including the decarbonisation of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

The West Midlands Low Emission Bus Delivery Plan, launched in July 2016, outlines a plan for delivering low emissions buses to improve air quality in the region. The Delivery Plan highlights regions of priority for the deployment of low emission buses and outlines a timeline to achieve a 90% reduction in NOx emissions by 2035. The judges said: “This report was very well presented and a good example of effective collaboration between a leading transport authority, expert consultants and other key stakeholders. Clear evidence was provided that the project has made an impact and that it has inspired other city authorities to replicate similar measures elsewhere.”

Element Energy and Transport for West Midlands collect the LowCVP award for Outstanding Publication of the Year

The Low Carbon Champions ceremony also highlighted recent efforts to decarbonise HGVs, an area that Element Energy has been actively involved in. Recognition was given to the work of the European FREVUE project and CNG Fuels who each tackled this difficult-to-address sector using pure electric and green gas strategies, respectively.

FREVUE is a European Council funded project that demonstrated the use of pure electric vans and rigid truck in 7 European capitals, including London. Element Energy put together the winning bid for the consortium in 2012 so are well aware of the ambitious targets the consortium set itself and glad to see their success acknowledged.

CNG Fuels, meanwhile, were recognised for their work both in establishing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) refuelling stations from the high-pressure gas grid and in certifying biogas by tracking its supply through the grid. Element Energy were commissioned by Cadent Gas to monitor the environmental and economic performance of their Leyland CNG refuelling station, the first station to dispense biomethane accredited by the Department of Transport, and at no cost premium. The results, published in July, show the articulated HGVs refuelling at Leyland have Well to Wheel emissions 84% lower than if they were run on diesel (see Figure below). This is impressive result for the freight sector and reinforces the merit of the accolades that CNG Fuels have received for their work.

Element Energy’s analysis showed Well-to-Wheel emissions savings of 84% using CNG

For more information about these reports and our work in the Low Carbon transport sector, contact Celine Cluzel.

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