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Element Energy awarded BEIS funding to develop a non-domestic smart energy management software tool

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Element Energy has been awarded funding as part of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s Non-Domestic Smart Energy Management Innovation Competition, to develop a smart energy management software tool for non-domestic customers in the retail, hospitality, and schools sectors.

Smart meters are being rolled out across small non-domestic customers in GB, but there is currently a lack of energy management products and services building on these smart meters to help small non-domestic customers to engage with and reduce their electricity consumption. To help address this market gap, Element Energy will develop an online (and mobile friendly) tool providing energy management services including real-time comparative feedback on consumption (i.e. relative to similar organisations in the same sector and of a similar size), provision of a range of customer-specific energy saving analysis and advice, and a direct demand-side response (DSR) engagement facility.

This tool will build on an existing online tool that Element Energy has developed providing comparative consumption feedback, customised energy saving advice and DSR facilitation in the domestic context. The outputs of this project will include an operational prototype online tool providing real-time comparative consumption feedback, energy saving analysis and advice and DSR functionality to non-domestic customers in the retail, hospitality and schools sectors. This innovative project will be the first time that these comparative feedback and DSR aspects have been provided to small non-domestic customers in real time.

The full competition announcement by BEIS can be found here.

For more information about this project, please contact Mark Hughes.

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