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Element Energy recruiting participants for the next stage of their non-domestic smart meter feedback project

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Element Energy have begun the third phase of their BEIS-funded initiative to develop and trial a web tool to provide customers with context and comparative feedback on energy use across the retail, hospitality and schools sectors. This follows their successful completion of the initial stage in which, working with project partners Octopus Energy, 19 schools and businesses trialled the early version. Insights from this four-month trial have informed the further development of the tool, and a new, updated version is now live, and being tested by a larger cohort of participants.

The tool – called Energy Comparison and Advice Tool (E-CAT) – presents smart meter data in intuitive and informative ways, and uses it to provide comparative feedback to SMEs and schools on how their electricity usage compares to similar organisations. It also includes a library of tailored energy saving measures, and a wide range of additional analysis and advice.

Recruitment is on-going, but limited to 200 participants. If your business or school would like to take part in the trial please register your interest at e-cat-support@element-energy.co.uk.

Participants are paid £30 for taking part, and a further £20 for providing feedback on the tool and their experience of using it. Users across the retail (including shops, showrooms, hairdressers, etc.) and hospitality (pubs, cafés, restaurants, hotels) sectors are eligible, as are all schools. You do not need a smart meter to participate as we can provide energy monitoring equipment.

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