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H2Bus Consortium confirms plans to deploy at least 600 hydrogen fuel cell electric buses

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On 3rd June, the H2Bus Consortium confirmed plans to deploy at least 600 hydrogen fuel cell electric buses and supporting refuelling infrastructure across three countries (Denmark, Latvia and the UK). This initiative is made possible through concerted efforts to drive down the cost of equipment through economies of scale and €40m of funding from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). Building on the fuel cell bus deployments under the FCH JU funded JIVE and JIVE 2 projects, H2Bus aims to bring cost-competitive zero emission buses to Europe and is a crucial step in the commercialisation of the hydrogen bus sector.

Element Energy has supported the H2Bus project from its conception, including:

  • Securing €40m towards the initiative by leading the application for CEF funding
  • Developing the commercial bus and fuel offering
  • Assembling and managing the consortium of partners with the expertise and capacity to deliver the programme
  • Developing financial strategies to benefit the consortium and customer

We will continue to work with the H2Bus Consortium to deliver this ground-breaking project.

For further information, please contact Matthew Wilson or visit h2bus.eu











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