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Purity standard for hydrogen used for heating presented by Element Energy and partners

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Element Energy, DNV GL and Loughborough University presented the Hy4Heat Purity Standard report to around 50 industry stakeholders on 24 July. The report makes a recommendation for a hydrogen purity standard to be used by manufacturers developing prototype hydrogen appliances. It recommends a hydrogen purity level of 98%, as well as maximum levels for other likely trace components. The report will help to close one of the critical evidence gaps identified in work for the Hy4Heat programme.

Element Energy’s work on Purity standard, presented by Louis Day and Sam Foster, focussed on a cost benefit analysis of the purity level recommended for the programme. The report examined the trade-off between additional costs of producing hydrogen to increased purities and the impact to end-users of using lower purity hydrogen. The work included a review of the impurities typically found in the available routes of hydrogen production, the purification technologies that could be used to remove them and the impacts of the impurities on potential end users of hydrogen.

For more information on the Hy4Heat programme see www.hy4heat.info
For more information on Element Energy’s study please contact Sam Foster (sam.foster@element-energy.co.uk) or Louis Day (louis.day@element-energy.co.uk)

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