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Hy4Heat WP6 has shown that switching industrial heating equipment to hydrogen is technically feasible, with large potential to support initiation of the hydrogen economy in the 2020s

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Element Energy’s recent report for BEIS Hy4Heat programme shows that it is technically feasible to use clean hydrogen fuel in many industrial heating applications through equipment modification. Key challenges to hydrogen conversion were found to include changes in heat transfer characteristics, increased NOx emissions and changes in flue gas composition, but solutions are already emerging. Small scale hydrogen boilers already exist, and it is thought that industrial equipment such as furnaces, steam boilers, ovens and kilns could be commercially ready by the mid-2020s. The overall capital investment required to convert large UK industrial sites on the <7bar gas network to hydrogen, including the natural gas heating equipment, was estimated at £1.0 – £3.9 billion for costs in scope. To find out more about the potential for hydrogen fuel use in industry, see the full report

For more information on the Hy4Heat programme see www.hy4heat.info

For more information on Element Energy’s study please contact Emrah Durusut (emrah.durusut@element-energy.co.uk).

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