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Element Energy supports UK Power Networks’ planning for local heat decarbonisation through the “Heat Street” project

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Element Energy recently authored the Heat Street report for UK Power Networks, the electricity distribution network operator for London, the South East and the East of England. The work took a data-driven look at future pathways to decarbonise heat, and aims to help local authorities, community energy groups, and network operators plan for the deployment of energy efficiency and low carbon heating solutions.

Element Energy modelled the uptake of low carbon heating and energy efficiency across a large range of home and non-domestic building types and at a detailed spatial resolution (Lower Layer Super Output Area [LSOA] level). This allowed us to explore heat scenarios with outcomes ranging from close to 100% electric heating to a scenario with widespread use of hydrogen for heat.

One key finding of the work is that we project a widespread uptake of heat pumps across all scenarios, as these are found to be the most cost effective low carbon heating solution for many buildings. Even in a hydrogen-led heating scenario, over 700,000 heat pumps are deployed in the UK Power Networks license areas by 2030, representing 10% of the domestic building stock in the region.

An infographic produced by UK Power networks summarising the outputs of the project can be seen here: https://innovation.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/infographic-the-electric-heat-revolution/

High resolution project output data giving can be downloaded here: https://innovation.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/projects/heat-street-local-system-planning/

For more details on the work please contact Sam Foster.

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