Element Energy

Our ethos

Element Energy was founded in 2003, to provide high quality strategic and engineering analysis to clients in the low carbon sector. We deliver exceptional value to our clients via our thorough and objective analysis of their challenges. We have built a strong reputation for clarifying complex issues and delivering robust advice. We depend on the brightest candidates, who empower clients to take steps towards mitigating climate change. We provide a highly stimulating and challenging environment, as we tackle problems across the highly interconnected low carbon sector.

The fundamental objective of the founding directors of Element Energy is that our work should contribute to reducing environmental emissions, particularly those associated with global warming. This goal permeates through all our work.

Diversity and Inclusion
The principles of diversity and inclusion are core to the working culture of Element Energy. Not only is striving for diversity and inclusion the right thing to do, but we also recognise that it is only through an inclusive workplace that we can be best equipped to deal with the complex challenge of climate change. A narrow set of opinions risks leading to exclusionary solutions. With diversity of people and backgrounds comes diversity of thought, and this is essential for delivering the innovative solutions needed to overcome the climate crisis.

More than just striving for a broad spectrum of diversity within our workforce, we act to ensure that an open and welcoming operating environment is provided for every employee. The abilities to express yourself and challenge norms are actively promoted, and we regularly explore new ways to pursue personal and professional empowerment. We want all employees to have, and to feel they have, equal opportunities; to be valued and to feel they are valued; and to feel at home. We recognise that this requires proactivity: from accommodating flexible working patterns for parents to encouraging gender diversity on conference panels and across our teams, Element Energy pledges to be proactive. Regardless of gender, sociocultural background, age, lifestyle, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, religion or race we will ensure that you can thrive when working for and with us.

Our diversity and inclusion vision includes the recognition that it does not stop with us. A founding value of Element Energy is that someone’s capabilities are what should matter, irrespective of other factors. Through this principle, our vision is to become a model that others can follow: we aim to influence those around us to create not just a low carbon world, but a just world too.

Element Energy is an equal opportunities employer. You can follow this link to look at our Equal Opportunities Policy Statement.

Our culture
We offer flexible working practices that supports different lifestyles. This includes potential for reduced working hours, core hours of 10am – 4pm and the ability to work from home when needed.

We place a high value on cross-sectoral thinking and foster this through regular collaboration across different teams. New employees have the opportunity to work across a range of sectors, and we encourage all team members to share experiences and knowledge across the company (e.g. via regular knowledge-sharing “biscuit meetings” open to all). We also have company meetings twice a year, and our employees enjoy a range of social activities, including pub trips, quarterly evening socials, shared vegetarian lunches, run club and a fortnightly bake-off competition!

As a company we aim to live our values by minimising our business carbon footprint; we are working on reducing travel, energy consumption and waste, and we encourage our collaborators and clients to support or join us in this. We aim to use public transport whenever possible and all employees can take advantage of the company Cycle to Work Scheme.

We are open to new suggestions to build our culture and support the team to continue to become a more flexible, stimulating and environmentally friendly culture going forwards.