Element Energy

Our ethos

Element Energy was founded over 15 years ago, to provide high quality and objective strategic and engineering analysis to clients in the low carbon sector. We know the issue of climate change is too important to allow anything else. We deliver exceptional value to our clients, via our intelligent and thoughtful analysis of their challenges. We have built a strong reputation for clarifying complex issues, providing real insights, and delivering robust advice. We depend on the brightest graduates, who are passionate about solving climate change. We provide a highly stimulating and challenging environment, as we tackle problems across the highly interconnected low carbon sector.

The fundamental objective of the founding directors of Element Energy is that it should contribute to reducing environmental emissions, particularly those associated with global warming. This goal permeates through all work undertaken by the company.

We also adopt environmentally sensitive practices at our offices. Where possible, we encourage our collaborators and clients to use online teleconferencing, avoiding wasted time and energy in travelling to meetings. We also recycle all our office paper. The use of natural daylight is encouraged in the office, and we always ensure unnecessary office equipment is turned off at night.  All staff are encouraged to cycle to work, which the company facilitates through encouraging uptake of the Cycle to Work Scheme.