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Policy Mechanisms for First-Of-A-Kind Direct Air Capture and Other Engineered Greenhouse Gas Removals BEIS2022CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFull Report
Dublin Local Authority Electric Vehicle Charging StrategyFingal County Council, Dublin City Council, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and South Dublin County Council2022Low Carbon TransportFull Report
Executive summary
Analysis of a Net Zero 2030 Target for Greater LondonGreater London Authority (GLA)2022Low Carbon Transport, Built Environment/BuildingsFinal Report
Electric Mobility: Inevitable, or Not?The Platform for Electromobility2022Low Carbon TransportFinal Report

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Deliverable 1.1 H2 production and consumption
HYPSTER2021HydrogenDeliverable Report
CCUS Economics Impacts Study: Delivering a roadmap for growth and emissions reductions for ScotlandScottish Enterprise and Scottish Government2021CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
White Paper on Hydrogen Refuelling Station ReliabilityUK H2Mobility2021HydrogenWhite Paper
Greenhouse gas removal methods and their potential UK deploymentBEIS2021CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Policy Mechanisms for Supporting Deployment of Engineered Greenhouse Gas Removal TechnologiesNational Infrastructure Commission (NIC)2021CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Investable commercial frameworks for Power BECCSBEIS2021CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Humber Cluster – update to the 2020 Baseline Local Emissions AssessmentHumber LEP2021CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Decarbonising the Scottish Transport SectorTransport Scotland2021TransportFinal Report
Emissions Impact of Home Working in ScotlandClimateXChange2021Transport and BuildingsFinal Report
Activating states and regions for a green recovery of heavy industryClimate Group 2021CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Low Carbon Hydrogen Well-to-Tank Pathways StudyZemo2021TransportFinal Report
CO2 Utilisation Options for Regional DevelopmentThe Climate Group2021CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Electric Cars: Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership for ConsumersBEUC – The European Consumer Organisation2021TransportFinal Report

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The Future Role of Gas in TransportUK and Ireland Gas Network Operators2021TransportFull Report (PDF)

Online Report via Cadent Gas website
Distribution Future Energy ScenariosUK Power Networks2021Energy NetworksFinal Report
Analysis to provide costs, efficiencies and roll-out trajectories for zero-emission HGVs, buses and coachesThe Climate Change Committee2020TransportFull Report
Deep Decarbonisation Pathways for Scottish IndustriesScottish Government2020CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFull Report
Technical Feasibility of Low Carbon Heating in Domestic BuildingsScottish Government’s Directorate for Energy & Climate Change2020Built EnvironmentFinal Report

Technical Appendix

Cost Appendix
Deep-Decarbonisation Pathways for UK IndustryThe Climate Change Committee & BEIS2020CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFull Report
Creating a pipeline for industrial decarbonisation in Scotland: Promoting project progressionScottish Government & ClimateXChange2020CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFull Report
E-tourism: charging demand by electric vehicles in Scottish tourist hotspotsScottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN)2020Low Carbon Transport, Energy NetworksFull Report
The impact of a 2030 ICE phase-out in the UKGreenpeace2020Low Carbon TransportFull Report
Fostering Disruptive Innovation The Climate Group2020CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Sustainable HydrogenThe Climate Group2020CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) deployment at dispersed sitesBEIS2020CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Humber Industrial Decarbonisation Roadmap – Baseline Emissions AssessmentHumber LEP and CATCH2020CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Distribution Future Energy ScenariosUK Power Networks2020Energy NetworksFinal Report
Implementing Open Smart ChargingInternational Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance (IVEZA)2019Smart Energy Systems Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Towards Net Zero: The implications of the transition to net zero emissions for the Engineering Construction IndustryEngineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB)2020CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationPublic Report
Gigastack Phase 1 Public ReportBEIS2020Hydrogen and Fuel CellsPublic Report
Hy4Heat - Conversion of Industrial Heating Equipment to HydrogenBEIS2020Built Environment Full Report
UK Energy Storage Lab – Public ReportBEIS2020Low Carbon TransportNon-Technical Public Report
Ultra-low emissions vehicles market segmentation in ScotlandTransport Scotland & ClimateXChange2019Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Hy-Impact Series - SummaryEquinor2019CCUS and Industrial Decarbonisation
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Power Generation
Executive Summary
Hy-Impact Series - Study 1: Hydrogen for economic growthEquinor2019CCUS and Industrial Decarbonisation
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Power Generation
Final Report
Hy-Impact Series - Study 2: Net Zero HydrogenEquinor2019CCUS and Industrial Decarbonisation
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Power Generation
Final Report
Hy-Impact Series - Study 3: Hydrogen for Power GenerationEquinor2019CCUS and Industrial Decarbonisation
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Power Generation
Final Report
Hy-Impact Series - Study 4: Hydrogen in Yorkshire and the HumberEquinor2019CCUS and Industrial Decarbonisation
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Power Generation
Final Report
Zero Carbon Humber: The Impacts of Decarbonising Yorkshire and the HumberDrax, Equinor, National Grid Ventures2019CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationExecutive Summary
Fossil Free Europe 2050 – Insights on SpainPrivate Client2019Smart Energy Systems
Low Carbon Transport
Final Report
Fossil Free Europe 2050 European Climate Foundation2019Smart Energy Systems
Low Carbon Transport
Final Report
Project Page
Cycle Logistics StudyCross River Partnership2019Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
V2GB – Vehicle to Grid BritainOffice for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), in partnership with Innovate UK2019Smart Energy Systems
Low Carbon Transport
Public Report
WP4 Report
Batteries on wheels: the role of battery electric cars in the EU power system and beyond Renault, ENEL, Iberdrola and Transport & Environment2019Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Technical Appendix
Launch event slide deck
Summary in Spanish
Electric Vehicle Charging Behaviour StudyNational Grid ESO2019Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Assessment of Options to Reduce Emissions from Fossil Fuel Production and Fugitive EmissionsCommittee on Climate Change2019CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Extension to Fuel Switching Engagement Study – Deep decarbonisation of UK industriesCommittee on Climate Change 2019CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Cycle Freight StudyTransport for London2018Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Hydrogen Mobility in Europe:
Overview of progress towards commercialisation
HyFIVE project (funded by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking)2018Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Low Carbon Transport
Final Report
Commercial advancements in hydrogen fuel retailingHydrogen Mobility Europe project (funded by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking)2018Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Low Carbon Transport
Interim Report
Hydrogen Mobility Europe: Summary of Project Achievements and Emerging Conclusions (November 2018)Hydrogen Mobility Europe project (funded by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking)2018Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Low Carbon Transport
Interim Report
London's Climate Action Plan: WP3 Zero Carbon Energy SystemsGreater London Authority & C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group2018Built EnvironmentFinal Report
Recharge the Future: Charger Use StudyUK Power Networks 2018Low Carbon Transport
Energy Networks
Final Report
Fuelling Europe’s Future: How the transition from oil strengthens the economyEuropean Climate Foundation2018Low Carbon TransportSummary Report
Technical Report
The Scope for Petrol and LPG Vans in the UKAutogas2018Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Cost analysis of future heat infrastructure optionsNational Infrastructure Commission2018Built EnvironmentFinal Report
Policy Mechanisms to support the largescale deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)Oil and Gas Climate Initiative 2018CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Shipping CO2 – UK Cost Estimation StudyBEIS2018CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Industrial carbon capture business modelsBEIS2018CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Commercialisation of hydrogen fuel cell busesElement Energy Discussion Paper 2017Low Carbon Transport
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Discussion Paper
Independent assessment of the benefits of supplying gas for road transport from the Local Transmission SystemCadent Gas2017Low Carbon TransportTechnical Summary Report
Market Forecast for Connected and Autonomous VehiclesTransport Systems Catapult 2017Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Techno-economic and environmental assessment of the UK Renewable Hydrogen HubInnovate UK funded project2017Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Low Carbon Transport
Final Report
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Potential in the Scottish Transport SectorTransport Scotland2017Low Carbon TransportMain Report
Technical Annex
Clonburris Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) Draft Planning Scheme Energy MasterplanSouth Dublin County Council2017Built EnvironmentFinal Report
Impact of brine production on aquifer storage economicsEnergy Technologies Institute 2017CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
London: A capital for hydrogen and fuel cell technologiesHydrogen London2016Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Low Carbon Transport
Executive Summary
Full Report
Plug-in Electric Vehicle Uptake and Infrastructure Impacts StudyIn partnership with WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, for Transport for London2016Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Low carbon cars in the 2020s: Consumer impacts and EU policy implicationsBEUC2016Low Carbon TransportFull Report
Summary Report by BEUC
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: Opportunities for Growth: A Roadmap for the UKIn partnership with E4Tech, for Innovate UK2016Hydrogen and Fuel CellsMain Report
West Midlands Low Emission Bus Delivery Plan
Winner of the LowCVP’s Outstanding low carbon report of the year award 2017
Winner of the Passenger Transport Air Quality award 2016
Centro2016Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Research into the technical barriers to uptake of alternatively fuelled commercial vehiclesLoCITY2016Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Towards a European Market for Electro-MobilityTransport & Environment2016Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Barriers and Benefits of Home Energy Controller IntegrationDepartment of Energy & Climate Change2016Built EnvironmentFinal Report
Heat pumps in district heatingDepartment of Energy & Climate Change2016Built EnvironmentFinal Report
Global best practices in assessment and readiness for CCS retrofitEuropean Commission 2016CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Rapid charging network studyTransport for London2015Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Impact of real-world driving on CO2 emissions from UK cars and vansCommittee on Climate Change2015Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Unlocking the Energy Efficiency OpportunitySEAI2015Built EnvironmentMain Report
Summary Report for Policymakers
Installing accessible hydrogen refuelling stations - a best practice guideLondon Hydrogen Network Expansion (LHNE) project, supported by Innovate UK2015Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Transport Energy Infrastructure Roadmap
Winner of the LowCVP’s Outstanding low carbon report of the year award 2016
LowCVP2015Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Detailed Roadmaps:
Liquid Fuels
Hydrogen Transport in the UK: current status and future outlook Element Energy Discussion Paper 2015Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Low Carbon Transport
Discussion Paper
City Blueprint for Low Carbon Fuel Infrastructure
Highly Commended for the LowCVP's Outstanding low carbon report of the year category 2015
Birmingham City Council2015Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
CCS Sector Development Scenarios in the UKEnergy Technologies Institute 2015CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Research on district heating and local approaches to heat decarbonisationCommittee on Climate Change 2015Built EnvironmentFinal Report
Delivering hydrogen transport: a best practice guide for cities and regionsHydrogen Transport in European Cities (HyTEC) project, supported by the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking2014Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
Low Carbon Transport
Full Report
Options and recommendations to meet the RED transport targetLowCVP 2014Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
A Fuel Roadmap for the UKLowCVP 2014Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Demonstrating CO2 capture in the UK cement, chemicals, iron and steel and oil refining sectors by 2025: A Techno-economic StudyDECC and BIS2014CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Scotland and the Central North Sea CCS Hub studyScottish Enterprise2014CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Infrastructure in a low-carbon energy system to 2030: Transmission and distributionCommittee on Climate Change 2014Energy NetworksFinal Report
Demand Side Response Report
CO2-EOR in the UK: Analysis of fiscal incentivesScottish Carbon Capture and Storage2014CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Pathways to high penetration of electric vehiclesCommittee on Climate Change2013Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Emission saving potential of LPG in the UK fleetUKLPG 2013Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
The Role of Biofuels Beyond 2020BP 2013Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Review of commercial arrangements in the UK's electricity sectorCustomer-Led Network Revolution2013Energy NetworksFinal Report
Infrastructure in a low-carbon energy system to 2030: Carbon capture and storageCommittee on Climate Change2013CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Ultra low emission vansDepartment for Transport2012Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Cost and performance of EV batteriesCommittee on Climate Change2012Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Demand side response in the non-domestic sectorOfgem 2012Energy NetworksFinal Report
Decarbonising heat in buildings 2030–2050Committee on Climate Change 2012Built EnvironmentFull Report
Summary Report
Practical Potential for Gas Power with CCS in Europe in 2030The European Climate Foundation2012CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Influences on the low carbon car market from 2020–2030
Winner of the LowCVP's Outstanding low carbon report of the year award 2011
Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership2011Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Achieving deployment of renewable heatCommittee on Climate Change 2011Built EnvironmentFinal Report
Electric Vehicles in Scotland: Emissions Reductions and Infrastructure NeedsWWF Scotland 2010Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Electric vehicles in the UK and Republic of Ireland: Greenhouse gas emission reductions & infrastructure needsWWF2010Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Decarbonising CambridgeCambridge City Council2010Built EnvironmentFinal Report
Renewable and low carbon energy studyChesterfield Borough Council2010Built EnvironmentFinal Report
Developing a CCS network in the Tees Valley RegionOne North East and NEPIC2010CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Potential for the application of CCS to UK industry and natural gas power generationCommittee on Climate Change2010CCUS and Industrial DecarbonisationFinal Report
Strategies for the Uptake of Electric Vehicles and Associated Infrastructure ImplicationsCommittee on Climate Change2009Low Carbon TransportFinal Report
Design of Feed-in Tariffs for Sub-5MW Electricity in Great BritainDECC 2009Energy NetworksFinal Report