Element Energy


Transport Built environment Power generation / energy networks
Electric Vehicle Charging Behaviour Study, for National Grid ESO (2019)


Recharge the Future: Charger Use Study, for UK Power Networks (2018)


Fuelling Europe’s Future: How the transition from oil strengthens the economy for the European Climate Foundation (2018)
Summary report
Technical report
The Scope for Petrol and LPG Vans in the UK, for Autogas (2018)


Commercialisation of hydrogen fuel cell buses, Element Energy Discussion Paper (2017)


Independent assessment of the benefits of supplying gas for road transport from the Local Transmission System, for Cadent Gas (2017)
Technical Summary Report


Market Forecast for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, for the Transport Systems Catapult (2017)


Techno-economic and environmental assessment of the UK Renewable Hydrogen Hub, an Innovate UK funded project (2017)


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Potential in the Scottish Transport Sector, for Transport Scotland (2017)
Main report
Technical Annex


Towards a European Market for Electro-Mobility, for Transport & Environment (2016)


Plug-in Electric Vehicle Uptake and Infrastructure Impacts Study, in partnership with WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, for Transport for London (2016)


Low carbon cars in the 2020s: Consumer impacts and EU policy implications, for BEUC (2016)
Full report
Summary Report by BEUC


Hydrogen and Fuel Cells: Opportunities for Growth: A Roadmap for the UK, in partnership with E4Tech, for Innovate UK (2016)
Main report


West Midlands Low Emission Bus Delivery Plan (2016)
Winner of the LowCVP’s Outstanding low carbon report of the year award 2017
Winner of the Passenger Transport Air Quality award 2016


Research into the technical barriers to uptake of alternatively fuelled commercial vehicles for LoCITY (2016)


Alternative fuels strategy for the Liverpool City Region (2016)


Rapid charging network study, for Transport for London (2015)


Impact of real-world driving on CO2 emissions from UK cars and vans (2015)


Installing accessible hydrogen refuelling stations – a best practice guide (2015)


Transport Energy Infrastructure Roadmap, for the Low CVP (2015)
Detailed roadmaps:
Liquid Fuels
Winner of the LowCVP’s Outstanding low carbon report of the year award 2016


Hydrogen Transport in the UK: current status and future outlook (2015)


City Blueprint for Low Carbon Fuel Infrastructure, for Birmingham City Council (2015)
Highly Commended for the LowCVP’s Outstanding low carbon report of the year category 2015


Delivering hydrogen transport: a best practice guide for cities and regions (2014)
Full report


Options and recommendations to meet the RED transport target, for the Low CVP (2014)
Options and recommendations to meet the RED transport target: Appendix, for the Low CVP (2014)


A Fuel Roadmap for the UK, for the Low CVP (2014)


Pathways to high penetration of electric vehicles, for the CCC (2013)


Emission saving potential of LPG in the UK fleet, for UKLPG (2013)


The Role of Biofuels Beyond 2020, for BP (2013)


Cost and performance of EV batteries, for the CCC (2012)


Ultra low emission vans, for DfT (2012)


Influences on the low carbon car market from 2020–2030, for the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (2011)
Winner of the LowCVP’s Outstanding low carbon report of the year award 2011


Electric vehicles in the UK and Republic of Ireland: Greenhouse gas emission reductions & infrastructure needs, for WWF (2010)


Electric Vehicles in Scotland: Emissions Reductions and Infrastructure Needs, for WWF Scotland (2010)


Strategies for the Uptake of Electric Vehicles and Associated Infrastructure Implications, for the CCC (2009)

London’s Climate Action Plan: WP3 Zero Carbon Energy Systems, for Greater London Authority & C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (2018)


Cost analysis of future heat infrastructure options, for the National Infrastructure Commission (2018)


Clonburris Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) Draft Planning Scheme Energy Masterplan, for South Dublin County Council (2017)


Barriers and Benefits of Home Energy Controller Integration, for Department of Energy & Climate Change (2016)


Heat pumps in district heating, for Department of Energy & Climate Change (2016)


Research on district heating and local approaches to heat decarbonisation, for the Committee on Climate Change (2015)


Unlocking the Energy Efficiency Opportunity, for SEAI (2015)
Main report
Summary report for policymakers


Review of commercial arrangements in the UK’s electricity sector, for the Customer-Led Network Revolution (2013)


Demand side response in the non-domestic sector, for Ofgem (2012)


Decarbonising heat in buildings 2030–2050, full report, for the CCC (2012)

Decarbonising heat in buildings 2030–2050, summary report, for the CCC (2012)


Achieving deployment of renewable heat, for the CCC (2011)


Decarbonising Cambridge, for Cambridge City Council (2010)


Renewable and low carbon energy study, for Chesterfield Borough Council (2010)

Shipping CO2 – UK Cost Estimation Study, for BEIS (2018)


Industrial carbon capture business models, for BEIS (2018)


Policy Mechanisms to support the largescale deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), for the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (2018)


Impact of brine production on aquifer storage economics, for the Energy Technologies Institute (2017)


Global best practices in assessment and readiness for CCS retrofit, for the European Commission (2016)


CCS Sector Development Scenarios in the UK, for the Energy Technologies Institute (2015)


Demonstrating CO2 capture in the UK cement, chemicals, iron and steel and oil refining sectors by 2025: A Techno-economic Study, for DECC and BIS (2014)


Scotland and the Central North Sea CCS Hub study, for Scottish Enterprise (2014)


Infrastructure in a low-carbon energy system to 2030: Transmission and distribution, for the CCC (2014)


CO2-EOR in the UK: Analysis of fiscal incentives, for Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage (2014)


Infrastructure in a low-carbon energy system to 2030: Demand Side Response (2013)


Infrastructure in a low-carbon energy system to 2030: Carbon capture and storage, for the CCC (2013)


Practical Potential for Gas Power with CCS in Europe in 2030, for The European Climate Foundation (2012)


Developing a CCS network in the Tees Valley Region, for One North East and NEPIC (2010)


Potential for the application of CCS to UK industry and natural gas power generation, for the CCC (2010)


Design of Feed-in Tariffs for Sub-5MW Electricity in Great Britain, for DECC (2009)