Element Energy

Built environment

Energy consumption in buildings is the cause of nearly half the UK’s CO2 emissions. There is a pressing need both to reduce emissions from existing buildings, and to make sure that emissions from new buildings are as low as possible. Developers, design teams, policy-makers, planners, building owners and occupiers all have a part to play in facing up to this challenge. Element Energy works with each of these parties to help deliver the most effective solutions.

At present, improved efficiency and emissions reduction in buildings is driven mainly by policy and regulation. We work with central government to develop the policy framework for low-carbon buildings and understand how these policies affect the building sector. For local planning authorities, we apply sophisticated mapping and modelling techniques to their local energy resources and needs, to develop effective policy for development in their area.

Shaping policy is a key aspect of our work, but we also help developers and building owners formulate their responses to these policies. We work closely with developers and within design teams to develop cost-effective, practical and reliable energy solutions for developments of all scales. We understand the dynamics of energy use in buildings and can find practical, economic ways to reduce consumption.

For existing buildings, we work with the client to improve energy efficiency, identify opportunities for low-carbon energy supply, and cut energy- and emissions-related costs, taking full advantage of the incentive regime for renewable energy generation.