Element Energy

Project Case Studies

Energy Networks

Load forecasting

We provide advanced forecasting models that enable our clients to identify important trends in future demand, generation, energy storage, customer behaviour and technology uptake. We have developed these robust demand, consumption and customer forecasting tools for distribution network operators such as UK Power Networks (UKPN), Northern Powergrid (NPg), and Electricity North West (ENWL). Our work in this area is underpinned by our extensive experience in modelling and analysing the impact of new policy measures on technology uptake and customer behaviour.

Our high resolution, bottom-up forecasting models also provide detailed information on the availability of smart grid services and system flexibility (e.g. from domestic and industrial & commercial demand side response, smart charging of electric vehicles, active network management solutions, etc.) at each network asset and/or geographical region. Using this information, our models are able to perform cost-benefit analyses on various smart grid scenarios versus traditional network reinforcement, helping distribution network operators (DNO) to optimise their investment planning and potential strategies as a distribution system operator (DSO). Some examples of the kinds of outputs produced by these modelling tools are shown below.

Network innovation trials

We are involved in many network innovation projects and customer trials ranging from large innovation deployment projects to smaller proof-of-concept studies. In recent years we have partnered on network innovation projects totalling over £88 million in value (e.g. Energywise, Low Carbon London, Customer-led Network Revolution, etc.). To these projects we bring our understanding of customer behaviour, network modelling, product innovation, trial design, software development, project management and reporting to ensure these projects are delivered successfully and that all relevant network innovation learnings are captured in order to maximise value for our clients and their customers.

Consumer engagement and energy management

We are also leading various Innovate UK and Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy funded projects developing innovative new tools (including customer apps, cloud-based modelling, online smart meter data analytics and customer archetyping). We are using our understanding of customer behaviour, low carbon technology, flexibility services and network innovation to build these tools that aim to improve energy network planning, customer engagement with energy efficiency and demand side response incentives and to leverage additional value from smart meter data, network monitoring data and various weather and climate change datasets.