Element Energy

Carbon Capture & Storage

For businesses that supply or use significant amounts of fossil fuels, the increase in CO2 prices and widening of CO2 regulation pose a serious risk. We work with businesses that will be impacted to forecast their future CO2 liabilities and use our understanding of the CO2 reduction landscape to help them make long-term strategic CO2 management plans.

Carbon dioxide capture, transport and storage technologies are recognised to offer enormous  potential to reduce CO2 emissions at manageable costs. But implementing CCS will require organisations to understand the risks and make strategic decisions.  CCS is an emerging technology and working out what will be the most commercially efficient  design for an integrated  CCS system is a challenging task.

We have helped clients in the oil and gas, power and manufacturing sectors , and CCS technology vendors to evaluate CCS opportunities and recognise the  critical path to developing a commercial CCS network. Our unparalleled experience and global network of contacts across CO2 capture, transport and storage, allows us to provide comprehensive evaluations for our clients of CCS related opportunities.

CCS for some is an opportunity and to others a threat. We offer full CCS opportunity analysis, including project design and review services to levels of detail consistent with investment requirements. We help our clients understand CCS markets, technologies, policies, economics, regulations and legal aspects. Our clients know that our investment recommendations are optimised using our industry-leading and peer reviewed global geographic and cost databases and models. Our project leadership skills allow us to help our clients leverage funding for their low carbon infrastructure investments.