Element Energy

Micro-CHP modelling

Element Energy has developed a short-time-step energy model to inform design decisions for a UK fuel cell CHP supplier. The model uses 5-second demand profiles for electricity, space heating and hot water based on monitoring data from real-world buildings.

The model allows:

  • Detailed assessment of duty cycles in a range of building types.
  • Analysis of switching events and thermal cycling.
  • Sizing of thermal stores to maximise system performance.
  • Optimisation of control strategies, for example to maximise both electricity value and stack lifetime.

Our client continues to use this model to optimise the control strategy and technical specifications for their system. These insights will ensure that the final design maximises the size of the potential market for their system, as well as providing excellent economic and environmental performance to end users.

Our short-time-step modelling capability can also be applied to other technologies, for example to analyse the performance of heat pumps, or the interactions between electric vehicle charging and other home energy demands. Such analysis is of great value to network operators seeking to understand the impact of new technologies on the grid.