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New Element Energy-led carbon capture and storage report launched

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The All Party Climate Change Group and the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) recently hosted an event in parliament to mark the launch of a new Element Energy-led report on the carbon capture and storage sector.

The Building the UK Carbon Capture and Storage Sector by 2030 – Scenarios and Actions report identifies the practical steps needed over the period to 2030 to build an effective CCS sector. It suggests three possible scenarios that would allow CCS to realise its long term potential and play a key role in decarbonising the UK’s energy sector with the development of around 10 GW of capacity by 2030.

As well as identifying possible scenarios and actions needed to meet the 2030 ambition, the report highlights the consequences of delaying development of this level of capacity beyond 2030 which would expose the UK to substantial cost and deployment risks in meeting carbon budgets.

For further information please contact emrah.durusut@element-energy.co.uk.

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