Element Energy

About Us

At Element Energy, we are dedicated to understanding and helping to solve the challenge of climate change. We are a specialist energy consultancy, with an excellent reputation for rigorous and insightful analysis in the area of low carbon energy. We consult on both technical and strategic issues – our technical and engineering understanding of the real-world challenges support our strategic work and vice versa. We apply best-in-class financial, analytical and technical analysis to help our clients intelligently invest and create successful policies, strategies and products. Element Energy work across all major low carbon energy sectors, including:

We also coordinate many low carbon energy projects through our Project Management team.

Since its formation in 2003, Element Energy has established itself as one of the UK’s leading low carbon energy consultancies. The team at Element Energy have a strong industrial track record of deploying low carbon and renewable energy technologies and understanding the practical issues that they face. Our clients include government departments, local government, NGOs, FTSE100 companies, technology startups and cleantech SMEs throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and worldwide. View full client list here.

The following are elements of all our work:

Focus on low carbon energy

Our sole focus is low and zero carbon energy. This has allowed us to build up a detailed understanding of the sector. We bring this experience and knowledge to every new project. The work provides a stimulating environment to our team, and we benefit from a very low rate of employee turnover, allowing us to retain knowledge efficiently.

Rigorous approach

All of our work is underpinned by rigorous analysis. We help our clients move forward, confident that their decisions are supported by a sound evidence base. We are willing to challenge assumptions and are able to develop efficient and insightful analysis which reflects the complexity of the sector.

Combining strategic insights and technical detail

Our ability to provide accurate and insightful analysis to our clients is based on our strong, cross-sector technical knowledge, combined with our strategic expertise. We draw upon these on every project; our attention to detail translating into well thought out policy recommendations.

Partnership with clients

We design and develop our approach to projects in partnership with our clients. We adopt a flexible way of working with our clients, responding to new questions as they arise throughout projects. Our work has helped our clients make significant advances in their industries.


The directors and consultants at Element Energy thrive on the complex intellectual challenges that the low carbon energy sector presents. Our enthusiasm and energy is noted by clients who recognise the added value that this brings to their project.

Techno-economic analysis

Common and central to much of our work are robust techno/economic models. We instigate projects with detailed discussions with clients, to ensure that we design our analysis to best meet their requirements. Drawing on our experience in the sector, our analytical thinking and problem solving skills supports our approach which meets client requirements within the constraints of available data.

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