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Element Energy investigates conversion of industrial appliances to 100% hydrogen

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Element Energy, along with partners Jacobs and Cardiff University, have been commissioned by BEIS to complete analysis on the potential use of full hydrogen for heat in industry, as part of the Hy4Heat Programme.

Hy4Heat is a feasibility study, commissioned by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy to establish if it is technically possible and safe to replace natural gas with full hydrogen in buildings and gas appliances, in order to decarbonise the heat sector. The aim of this study, Work Package 6: Understanding Industrial Appliances, is to investigate the potential future conversion of industrial heating appliances to hydrogen.

Our study will involve developing a comprehensive understanding of applications of hydrogen for heat in industry, including costs, technical and commercial requirements, timeframes, safety considerations, barriers and opportunities. It will also be critical to build a strong, clear picture of current and future natural gas heating processes and appliances across the industrial subsectors. Modelling work will provide an evidence base for the Hy4Heat Programme and inform future government decisions regarding potential energy pathways. The study will also document remaining knowledge gaps and outline the kind of hydrogen trials and appliance development work required, ahead of any potential decisions around conversion to hydrogen. The findings will be applicable to a broad audience, including industry, policy makers, project developers, equipment suppliers and other government officials.

For more information on the Hy4Heat programme please visit http://www.hy4heat.info/

For more information on Element Energy’s study please contact Emrah Durusut.


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