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Element Energy joins the Home Response project

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Element Energy has joined the Home Response project investigating domestic demand-side response (DSR), which is being led by the Mayor of London and includes project partners Moixa, Repowering London and UK Power Networks. The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) today launched Phase 2 of their domestic DSR competition which allocated £8,570,000 funding for projects that will trial innovative approaches to DSR in domestic applications, including nearly £930,000 for Home Response.

The Home Response project will look at how smart energy technology, data and energy services can be used in Londoners’ homes to cut energy bills and reduce energy use. It will also aim to reward energy flexibility and contribute to a smarter, cleaner energy system for London. At Element Energy we’re excited to join the Home Response team for Phase 2, the other partners having successfully completed the Phase 1 feasibility study last year. Element Energy will lead the Business Models and Exploitation work package of the trial, bringing our understanding of energy markets and the challenges of delivering value to domestic flexibility providers. We will work alongside the project partners to develop the innovative community energy-based business model to be tested in the project. Furthermore, we will produce the business model review and exploitation plan, upon project completion, to allow the learnings of the project to be exploited to ensure maximum benefit for the entire UK energy system.

We will also leverage our extensive experience in working on innovative trials of this nature to carry out the project monitoring and evaluation work package. In doing so, we will help to ensure successful delivery of this project which aims to help develop a smart and innovative energy system that is accessible to all participants.

For more information please contact Ian Walker or Jake Howe or visit the Mayor of London’s Home Response page here.

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