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CCUS and Industrial Decarbonisation

A common finding across technical and modelling studies such as IPCC AR5 and the IEA CCS scenarios is that CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage) is vital to reducing emissions at lowest cost globally. However, CCUS deployment needs to accelerate significantly – most global trajectories require CCUS to deliver 1,000-2,000 million tonnes of CO2 abatement per annum, by 2030, a hundred-fold increase over the next 15 years.

In Element Energy’s CCUS and industry team, we provide advice to our public and private clients such as Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, International Energy Agency GHG, European Commission and European governments to inform strategic decision-making, project development and policy-making in the CCUS and industrial decarbonisation sectors. We help our clients understand CCUS markets, technologies, policies, economics, regulations and financing aspects to enable the deployment of CCUS projects. Our recommendations are optimised using our industry-leading and peer reviewed cost databases and techno-economic models. Our project leadership skills allow us to help our clients leverage funding for their low carbon infrastructure investments.

Key skills and expertise

Expertise across all parts of the CCUS chain: We provide insight and analysis using our industry-leading and peer reviewed cost databases and techno-economic models across the CCUS chain including CO2 capture in the power, industry and hydrogen sectors, onshore and offshore CO2 transport and storage infrastructure including shipping and CO2 utilisation.

Techno-economic analysis and commercial strategy development: Techno-economic modelling of the full CCUS chain, technology and performance assessments, market sizing, project finance and cash-flow modelling, and CCUS infrastructure sizing and costing.

Regional roadmap development: Regional transport and storage network design, identification of regional barriers and opportunities, stakeholder engagement and management, and developing a business case for CCUS.

National/European strategy and policy development: Evidence based policy design, incentive modelling, and development of national, European and international CCUS roll-out strategies.


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Examples of some of our projects

Policy Mechanisms to support the largescale deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), for the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) (2017)

Enabling global deployment of industrial CCS clusters, for the International Energy Agency

Funds and financing options for an industrial CCS cluster in Rotterdam, for i2-4c and European Climate Foundation

Building the UK carbon capture and storage sector by 2030 – Scenarios and actions, for the Energy Technologies Institute