Element Energy

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Hydrogen used as a fuel is one of very few routes to ultra-low carbon and low emission in transport. As a result, hydrogen could become one of the main transport fuels in the global energy mix. At Element Energy we offer a range of strategic and practical services related to hydrogen energy.

On a strategic level, we are actively involved in projects to map and understand the most cost-effective pathway to adoption of hydrogen vehicles in the UK and across the EU. We then take this knowledge to a more practical level, working with businesses and other organisations to develop detailed organisational strategies (for example our work on hydrogen bus commercialisation for the Hydrogen Bus Alliance).

We complement this strategic work with practical experience of hydrogen projects. In-house we have 25 man-years plus of hydrogen project experience and can take a project from inception, through business planning and feasibility, to delivery and commissioning. Here, we can offer:

  • Feasibility studies for hydrogen transport projects.
  • Assistance in obtaining project financing, including developing a business case for investment and obtaining funding from national and European funding streams.
  • Infrastructure planning and modelling (we have developed infrastructure network models for hydrogen fuelling station rollout).
  • Support in obtaining planning permissions for hydrogen infrastructure.
  • Early stage design work for hydrogen projects.
  • Assistance in initiating projects and the subsequent procurement and contracting phases.
  • Project management for the delivery stage.

Perhaps the best example here is our work on Transport for London’s hydrogen bus project (launched December 2010), which we have supported from its inception through the various stages of project delivery, ending with a secondment to TfL to provide project management for the final six months before project delivery.

Delivering hydrogen projects relies on having the right people, products and partners. Our experience enables us to monitor and understand hydrogen products; how near term they are; what the costs are; and importantly, whether they will succeed technically. This in turn helps us minimise the risks for clients starting a hydrogen development.