Element Energy

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

The use of hydrogen as a versatile energy carrier is one of the most promising options for achieving deep decarbonisation of the whole energy system while delivering wider environmental and economic benefits. Although commercial applications of hydrogen technologies remain niche, there is growing interest in this area from governments and industry around the world. Having been at the forefront of the hydrogen sector since the turn of the century, Element Energy is uniquely well placed to help clients understand this complex area and to provide insights into the emerging opportunities available.

Our private sector clients include global organisations (automotive OEMs, energy companies, industrial gas suppliers) through to technology start-ups and SMEs, and we help these companies understand the competitive landscape and develop market entry strategies. We have an excellent record of obtaining grant funding for development and demonstration of innovative technologies, as evidenced by the >€350m of public subsidies secured for our clients in recent years. We also develop strategies for governments, councils, and public transport authorities, and work closely with public sector organisations seeking to lead the transition to a low carbon future.

Key skills and expertise

Technology roadmaps and policy landscape analysis – we use our in-depth understanding of the sector together with extensive networks of contacts to lead the development of forward-looking analyses, including assessment of policies needed to achieve environmental and economic objectives. Examples include hydrogen strategies for the cities of Aberdeen, London, and others; and development of a cross-sector hydrogen roadmap for the UK.

Business strategy development – we use detailed techno-economic models with our understanding of the markets for hydrogen and hydrogen-based technologies to inform the strategies of companies and investors in this sector.

Consortium management and alignment – we have proven processes for establishing and managing large consortia, often comprising industry and public sector representatives, and achieving alignment on roll-out strategies for innovative technologies. Examples include our work for the national hydrogen mobility initiatives in the UK and France.

Project initiation and funding – we help develop innovative, multi-partner projects and are often engaged to lead applications for public subsidy for pre-commercial demonstration activities. For example, we have initiated all the major hydrogen transport demonstration projects in Europe covering passenger cars, light duty vehicles, and urban buses.


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