Element Energy

Fuel cells for stationary power

Fuel cells are  becoming a commercial reality for stationary power generation. Whether low-temperature proton exchange membrane (PEM) or high-temperature ceramic, they have the potential for high efficiencies.

Element Energy has worked on a wide range of fuel cell based assignments, providing technical advice or working on market diligence questions, for technology developers, investors and large corporates reviewing their strategy in the area. We maintain good relationships with global fuel cell companies, having worked on projects either for them or with them, and our close involvement over many years has established us as experts in this field.

The various fuel cells available ranging from small PEM cells based on pure hydrogen to large ceramic cells powered by natural gas – all have different strengths and weaknesses in the power generation markets.

We have experience of the opportunities in each of:

  • Small-scale portable power generation
  • Remote power provision
  • Backup power provision
  • Micro-CHP applications
  • Grid strengthening (for larger-scale applications)
  • Large scale power (and heat) generation

We hold extensive market data in the relevant fuel cell sectors and market sizing projections based on validated models of consumer preferences, the policy landscape and the range of competing technologies. We have also developed in-house models of fuel cell performance against real heat and power demands (using short-time-step modelling approaches).