Element Energy

Due Diligence

Over the past 10 years, Element Energy has helped a wide range of clients to de-risk their businesses.

Often our clients need impartial advice in order to make informed business decisions about existing businesses or new areas they want to explore as a commercial opportunity. They recognise that being too close to a business or simply lacking the internal expertise can make this process difficult. The nature of this work is often highly confidential; we recognise the need for companies to remain anonymous through the data gathering.

We have several approaches we use to shape the analysis depending on the requirements.  We create a quantitative analysis built on a solid foundation of data often taken from our own knowledge base. We will consult with our large network of experts and gather a market opinion. Finally we have excellent research and analysis capabilities for gathering desktop information

From this we are able to quantify the techno-economic opportunities in the defined market place. At this point we are happy either to hand the analysis over to our client’s strategy team or to present the findings to the stakeholders.

We have successfully worked with several FTSE 100 companies in this way to help their senior management teams quickly decide on the appropriate next steps. We have a high repeat business and excellent relationships with those companies.